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Keep Java Updated!
January 16th, 2013 by admin

javaredJava is a an integral solution on many websites.  Just disable it and you’ll see very quickly how painful surfing the Net becomes.  The features Java provides website designers and programmers are powerful and useful

That same power and functionality is appreciated by the less savory characters on the Net.  Malware frequently uses Java as an access point into your computer.

If you want to try the Internet without Java, download FireFox from www.mozilla.com and then get yourself a copy of the NoScript add-on.  NoScript gives you complete control over which scripts are allowed to run in your browser.

I quickly determined NoScript was more hassle than I was willing to put up with.  Sometimes we have to weigh out pros and cons and decide whether the pros are worth the risk.

That doesn’t mean you should just throw your hands in the air and give up.  The main thing you should do is keep Java current.  The default settings of a Java installation allow Java to notify you of updates, and easily install them.  As of today, Jan 16, 2013, the current release of Java is 7 update 11.  You have to manually uninstall older (6.x and earlier) versions of Java from your control panel.  Oracle, who now owns Java, suggests that you do only have 1 installed version of Java, and that in most cases it supports legacy needs.  There are exceptions, but odds are if you need an older version of Java installed, you already know it.

Go to java.com right away and run the wizard to get the current release of Java on your computer.  The wizard will try to install a toolbar, I always uncheck that option.  But other than that the process is easy and painless and will help you keep your risk of contracting malware as low as possible.



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