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Facebook Link Shows Wrong Title or Graphic
January 29th, 2013 by admin

Blue Facebook Jar

Nobody’s perfect.  Though it feels like you are when you finish putting your brilliance into a blog post.  Sure you’re brilliant, but you’re not a fool.  You spell-check your post.  You read for grammar.  It looks great and you hit Publish.  You rush over to Facebook and post a link to your blog.

Unfortunately the inevitable happens.  After posting your amazing information, you find a problem.  You forgot to put a title on the post.  Or you forgot to include a photo.

Of course you fix the issue.  As soon as you notice it.  But the damage is done.  When you share the link onto Facebook, the old graphic, the old title, or lack thereof, appears.  ARGH!

Facebook caches this information, and you’re hosed right?  Nope.  You can clear that cache and get your link corrected.  Just go to Facebook’s Developer’s Debugger page and input the link to your post.  Facebook will clear the information it has, and you’ll be able to post a new link that displays your updated blog entry.


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