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Free Anti-Virus?
December 2nd, 2009 by admin

“I think I have a Virus.”  All IT consultants know this line; we hear it almost every time a system comes in the door.  Everyone has heard of viruses and lives in constant fear of an infected computer.  It is time we set a few facts straight and hopefully save you some money on that annual AV subscription.


Spyware or Virus?

Both are similar, but do have a few distinctions.  A virus is usually an unwanted program that can spread throughout a computer or across a network of computers.  Spyware can be considered a type of virus, although it usually gets its own category.  Spyware is a program that attempts to present or collect data from a user.  This is usually seen as advertisements, toolbars, and collection of computer use data (including personal information).

Spyware is much more common Read the rest of this entry »


Duke Blog Launched/Windows 7 Released
October 26th, 2009 by AdamEldred

Welcome to the new Duke Computer Blog!  We will try and keep you informed of all that is happening in the world we know best, technology.  This is an exciting week and we are not the only new thing to pop up.

Windows 7 Launch


This week Windows 7 entered public release to rave reviews.  Read the rest of this entry »