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Facebook Link Shows Wrong Title or Graphic
January 29th, 2013 by admin

Blue Facebook Jar

Nobody’s perfect.  Though it feels like you are when you finish putting your brilliance into a blog post.  Sure you’re brilliant, but you’re not a fool.  You spell-check your post.  You read for grammar.  It looks great and you hit Publish.  You rush over to Facebook and post a link to your blog.

Unfortunately the inevitable happens.  After posting your amazing information, you find a problem.  You forgot to put a title on the post.  Or you forgot to include a photo. Read the rest of this entry »


Facebook Privacy
May 24th, 2010 by WillDuke

I’m not going to delve deeply into the controversy around privacy and Facebook.  I’ll simply say that I’m not particularly happy about the erosion of privacy, but I’m not planning on quitting Facebook over it.  Facebook is where everyone is.  I think it makes sense to stay with your audience.  Zuckerberg says that Facebook will make privacy easier.  I think he’s motivated to do so, to keep Facebook viable. Read the rest of this entry »


Baby Boomers are using Facebook!
January 28th, 2010 by WillDuke

senior-w-computerI was delivering a New Media seminar today when one of the attendees told me she didn’t think Facebook was a good fit because her clients were too old.

I came back to my office and Mashable had a great article about how  Baby Boomers and Seniors Are Flocking to Facebook.  I wish that article had come out a day earlier!

Read the rest of this entry »